Our 36th year!

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Notes from Sheila in London

Day 2 - Arrival & first day in London

We all arrived in great shape about noon London time. All the luggage arrived too!! Yeah! They gave us breakfast on the plane: a banana, egg in a muffin, orange juice and coffee or tea. We walked right through customs without a problem. The first issue occurred when our bus wasn't there to give us a ride to the hotel. It had been sent to terminal 3 instead of 4 by mistake and it took awhile to straighten everything out. Heathrow airport is the 3rd largest in the world and has 5 major terminals.  We arrived at our hotel - very nice, clean and modern. We checked in and freshened up. We walked to the Hilton Metropole Hotel where the World Championships are taking place about a mile and  quarter from our hotel. It was crowded and busy. We picked up the dancer packets, watched some competitions, bought a few shirts and met Mary McGing and John Timm from our region; then most headed back to the hotel. Bob and I began our hunt for the PVC pipes that we need for the set but couldn't bring with us.

2013-2014 Calendar now available

The calendar has now been set for events during the 2013-2014 year.

Download it here (PDF)